Monday, June 23, 2008


Philly reminds me of Lahore. There are always people on the streets,there's humidity everywhere,men wolf-whistling.
Sitting in S's apartment alone right now.A big fat horn noise woke me up,I don't know why she insists on leaving the windows open when the temperature is the same outside and in.Snooped around a bit in the pantry, in her closet, other general snooping entailed. There is lots of Van Gogh art (proof why we're friends,for so long even), random photographs, pictures of philly. A tiny-ish flag of Pakistan sits on top of the microwave,along with Twinings tea bags, shot glasses and plastic flowers.There is an 'Apple' sticker on almost every appliance.I ate most of her red Starbursts,I hope she doesn't notice.And anyway,there's only healthy stuff in her pantry.99% fat free minestrone soup, special K, e.v.o.o, grilled salmon and soy milk in her fridge. I got frozen palak paneer and parathas and other such gunky stuff to last me the while I'm here. I eat little, but I eat unhealthy.
I know this place is going to become unbearable in a couple of hours, so I'm going to Google nearby things and just go and explore. Forgot my camera at Chachoo's place,so exploring won't be as fun as I would've wanted it to be,but oh well. Must admit that the futon is not so heavenly comfortable and streaming Sigur Ros's new album is giving me an orgasm as we speak.
My dreams have been very unhealthy and almost biblical in meaning lately. I don't understand what the end of the world has to do with me. Why must I witness hurricanes and tornadoes and child labor and priests misguiding people for dinosaurs to eat them.Does it..

Oh I don't know.

Me and M are repairing ourselves.And just as I said that, I feel like we're still so far off from being repaired. Can't say things aren't slightly looking up though, bless telecommunication and Mamoo and M's patience to just get things done.I'm glad him and Esther don't write anymore. There was something just so eerily similar about their word order.