Sunday, November 11, 2007

there are so many things i dont like about him.
the way he smells,like rustic wood and melted wax.
the way his eyes shine in the red and sometimes yellow light.
i dont like the way he writes,the way he concentrates with his head hung low,the way he has courage to lie on the floor and take pictures of maestros.all of these soft marshmallow feelings that squish themselves between my hollow graham cracker-like stomach.when he kisses me,i stare out the window.when i straighten the creases on his face they defy me and go back to where they were.
but then he goes on and fixes my shirt on the small of my back.
activates goosebumps around my elbow area.sings with me in highs and lows and helps me get over my fear of animals.
hangs onto my chocolate puffed cloud and brings me down to earth.

and i like the fact that i remember he likes lemonade and not coke.i like to watch him rush himself cuz he doesnt like to keep me waiting.i like how he catches my innuendos in sentences and bursts out laughing.